Family-friendly Minecraft Servers

Not all Minecraft servers are created equal, nor all are advisable for kids. So here is a list of servers that you might want your kids to be in if they’re always playing online. Each server is different from the other so exploring them would be advisable and quite a lot of fun. You can find a list of Minecraft servers to help you decide which one is right for you and your child.

There is no need to apply if you want to join this server which it truly committed in maintaining a family-friendly environment. This well policed server has a list of rules and it provides a tutorial the first time you join. Cubeville world includes a big central city, settlements and smaller towns. There are a lot of things that can be explored and nice people too.

Just about anyone can join this server. The thing about this server is that is has a narrative. Basically the world has been wiped out by a meteor so how you rebuild it is in the hands of you and your friends in the server. A player will be chosen to select a trade which at the beginning. Along the way you will be able to unlock new abilities as you improve your skills.

This is definitely a popular but family-friendly server. You need to fill up an application form to be able to join this server. The moderators here are extremely friendly and they are good at keeping things organized.
This server actually has several worlds, a money system and jobs that can be carried out to earn money. The cash you earn can be used when buying things in the shop and purchasing land as well.

The Sandlot
This is another whitelisted family-friendly server in Minecraft. The person operating this used to be a school teacher. It has a set of rules and there are filters to prevent players from abusive behaviors. The good thing about this server is that it has a world especially for younger kids. But it also offers other worlds that can be accessed from the Lobby.

A parent from UK first set this up for his son but this server is now accessible to all. It is a small server but it has a great community. This world has the concept of regions which means that the main world is actually divided into regions. The moment you join, you will be added to the newest region. But do not worry because you can warp to other regions without any problem.

This is a kid-friendly Australian server. It is a heavily moderated server though even if it is not whitelisted. It has LWC protection so that things can be locked and it also has Grief Protection. This server has a spawn town and it has warps to take you to other worlds. There are mini games in the spawn town as well.

This is a whitelisted server that it application process is fairly strict. Among the things you need to do when applying are introducing yourself, registering on forums and participating in the forums. Once done, you can apply. There is an exception though and this is when you are applying for your kid who is too young to participate in the forums. And without a doubt, this is a super family-friendly server so your youngsters will be safe when they are playing.

Hopefully, you and your kid will be able to find a server that you like!

How Do Criminal Case Cheats Work?

criminal case cheats

Criminal Case has become a really popular online game these days, thanks to social media giants like Facebook. In this game, the main characters are actual detectives who are required to resolve several mysteries by questioning witnesses and looking for clues. For each case that gets solved, a certain amount of coins are rewarded to the player. The coins acts as the game’s currency, which can be used to get extra things in the game to help you solve other cases better. Additionally, these coins will also allow you to access other areas which you were previously prohibited from entering. In short, you’ll get to experience more of the game’s features the more you play.


As for the character themselves, you can use the coins to customize how they appear, including cosmetics, dogs, accessories, and more. You can purchase boosters to help gain more energy and coins quicker. Dogs aren’t just there for appearances, as they actually will help you solve cases throughout the game by identifying certain clues better.


Using these Criminal Case cheats will provide you access to unlimited coins and cash, meaning you can gain access to all of the game’s features for free. With the help of this hack, players can unlock nearly all crime scenes even without unlocking all the stars. Moreover, limitless energy can also be obtained using these cheats. The tool has been tested additionally on several computer systems to make sure that accounts aren’t banned and that players are getting the requested resources.

Criminal Case has become one of the most played games on Facebook; ever since the game’s initial launch, the number of users have greatly increased, especially after this tool was released. Using this software you can Criminal Case to the next level by leveling up more effectively. With these cheats, players can gain access to bonus free items such as orange fruit juice, limitless power, burgers, and potato chips.

Why Use It?

A reason why this is among the most widely played games online is because it lets players utilize their CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) capabilities without having to deal with all the real life issues of danger and paperwork. In order to use the Criminal Case cheats, you need the latest internet browser with latest updates installed, as it may not work on some older versions. This hacking tool gives you the opportunity to restore in-game energy when you are running low, allowing you to never slow down your investigation. Additionally, you won’t have to bother Facebook friends by asking for power or invest hard earned real money into it.

Other Benefits

The Criminal Case cheats will also unlock gore so that they can see much visual images and increase the thrill. In addition to having access to gore, one can make their game perform more smoothly and quickly. Often Criminal Case players wonder why they should use cheats when they can play on their own. The reason is that this game demands time and work to progress through it.


New Final Fantasy 7 Remake

I’ve played the original Final Fantasy 7 back in 1997 when it first came out for the PlayStation. In fact, it was the first RPG game I’ve ever played and immediately fell in love with the game mechanics, characters, and deep storyline.

After 18 years, the game’s developers finally planned a remake for its hungry fans on the PlayStation 4. With upgraded HD graphics, I think I’m just going to end up buying a PS4 solely to play this game when it comes out. I’m sure a lot of other people will do the same as well.

If the remake is an exact copy of the original with better graphics, I’d still play it. A lot of people are concerned that a 1:1 copy won’t be fun or interesting, and others say it would destroy FF7 if the remake deviated from the original. However, I would completely be satisified if all they did was include voice acting and remastered music (symphony style).

Let’s say you did add more to the storyline, or changed the way materia and other mechanics worked. Well, it wouldn’t be FF7 anymore, right? It would be FF16 or whatever they’re on now.

Why Minecraft is Different


There are many online games that gained a lot of popularity, especially when featured on YouTube videos. In fact there are about new games released every few days, but only several will become successful. You can generally play these games for free by searching for free game websites. These sites have various types of games that are typically separated according to a category. Among the categories are arcade, shooting, puzzles, dress-up, car racing, cooking games, RPG and many more.

Many people are playing online games because they want to relax and have a few moments of fun. They play games during their spare time, while travelling or if they want to rest or unwind. However, be advised that parents should check the games that their children are playing, because some games are age restricted. They must play a game that is suitable with their age and it must not promote violence and sex. There are games that are for the younger audience and easy to understand mechanics too. One of them is the well-known Minecraft sandbox indie game.

You can actually play Minecraft online for free, as there are many gaming websites that offer this game for download. Although the official site provides a free demo, playing online is a whole different experience, because you get to discover what other people create and interact with other players.


Minecraft is a very interesting game, and the creative mode is like building your own world that you can fully control without any limits. You can slowly build a structure such as house, castle, ships, skyscrapers, your favourite TV character, and more. You can also fly around and get blocks in your inventory to easily build whatever you want, and have the ability to see it from a bird’s eye view.


If you want to challenge yourself and become more responsible and independent you can try the survival mode. With this you will work on your own, experience the daily grind of living, look for food such as harvesting food or starting a farm to raise animals including pigs, chickens and cows. You may also hunt wild animals as your meal, which is much easier when starting out.

The theme in survival mode is how you can make it through the difficulties in life. There are several aspects of the game that make Minecraft seem more realistic, like the day/night cycle, hunger and damage. But on the more unrealistic side, which is quite exciting, at night there will be monsters and zombies that are going to attack you. With this you have to make a structure that can protect you such as a barricade or house. This game is suitable for thrill seekers and is a very interesting take on surviving in the wild. This is challenging and exciting too because you will think of ways on how to conquer the world and wiping out anything that gets in your way.

Nintendo DS > GBA?

Well, Nintendo has been talking about it for a while, but they finally told us what all the hoopla should be about. A new system that wasn’t a handheld or a console? What could it be? Why, a two-screen handheld. Wait, I didn’t think it would be a handheld, correct? The concept behind the not-handheld-or-console is interesting, but I’m really having a hard time trying to understand why it has two screens. The use they give is as follows, “but [Nintendo] it said that the dual screens will let a user view games from two different perspectives, such as an overview map and a close-up of a battle.” That sounds really cool, but a bit restricted, like the Steel Battalion controller. It kicked ass for that one game, but you can’t use it that well for games like, say, Amped 2 (or 1080 Snowboarding, if that’s your console). I guess I’ll just keep being skeptical until I see what types of games they are going to develop for it.

Saving the World Again?

Role-playing games. The pinnacle of the immersive experience. I remember vividly spending many hours pouring over the original Final Fantasy. While that may not have been many people’s first RPG experience, it certainly was for me. Nintendo Power’s guide to Final Fantasy in my lap, I made it to the end castle, and finally beat the game. It kept me enthralled. I have no idea how many hours I spent on that game. I have a simple question to ask to the RPGs that are coming out now: Don’t you remember where you came from?

I’m not trying to say that the games should just be carbon copies of one another, and I’m not saying that the original Final Fantasy was the greatest RPG to ever exist. What I’m asking is why the games are making great graphical leaps forward, but sometimes the stories and characters have taken a beating. This article is a rant about what I want to see in games, and a praise of RPGs that I treasure.

First and foremost, of any console RPG I ever played, Final Fantasy 2 was my favorite. Many people will say 3, but I honestly didn’t feel that the story was as strong as it was in 2. While 2 held some wackiness such as the whale being your airship, I didn’t mind. In fact, FF2 did something that I don’t think has been replicated since: you lost characters. I remember feeling sad for the characters that I lost through their sacrifice or other means. Why don’t RPGs do this anymore? Is there anything terribly wrong with having one of our characters die so that the rest of our party may live? I get the feeling that developers think people will get angry because their characters die. Losing characters adds such an important element to any story, be it a movie, book, or video game. When a character you have grown to care about dies, you feel it. Not in the way that losing a real person feels, but on some level in your gut, you want them back. Get some emotion out of the people who bought the game, don’t let your game be just another mindnumbing dungeon crawl with a thin plot about saving the world. True, I would hate to lose that swordsman that has been my character’s best friend since he was five, but it would also be memorable.

Saving the world, why must it always come to this. Not that I mind saving the world, that’s why I continue to go back and do it, but is the problem always so large? The best game that gives an exception to this is Fallout 2. I could go on and on about the second Fallout. While not a huge improvement in graphics over the first Fallout, it had a story that was exceptional, memorable quests and characters, fantastic fighting, and,to top it all off, a levelling system that worked very well. I’m focusing on saving the world, though. I guess it could be argued that you saved the world at the end of Fallout 2, but at no point did you realize, “Hey, I’ve got to finish this quest up, or the world isn’t going to make it.” I played through the game, each time just enjoying the quests, trying to finish them in different ways, trying to figure out where my tribe had gone and how to get them back. The world can thank me, but I wasn’t doing this for them anyway. Saving the world seems like such a huge thing that doing this over and over actually gets to be a bit much for me. There are so many stories that don’t involve saving the world, feuding kingdoms, princesses being carried away, for king and country, that I feel are being left out because developers think they have to aim for the stars and have us save the world every time we pick up a new game. What it comes down to for me is that I don’t think I should be able to save the world in less than thirty-five hours. If your game is going to be less than that, then please change the scope of the story to accomodate for the fact that saving the world should take longer than recovering the sacred sword.

An interesting evolution in the RPG game is the way that levelling has changed over the years. The early Final Fantasies took a hands-off approach and just told you what had increased. Thankfully, this has changed. Some games like Morrowind gradually increase your skills the more you use them. A very interesting concept, but this holds a few flaws which I would like to address. The first person view of Morrowind certainly lends itself to this idea that it is you who is using the sword or spear or jumping around on the map. However, I don’t like this as much as attaining a new level and then getting to distribute points. The reason for this is that seeing my sword skill go up by 1 point is all good and well, but I can max out my sword just by fighting the same mundane creatures over and over again. So you have maxed out your sword, and you still have 50% of the game left. Is it exciting to use your sword? Atleast its powerful, probably too powerful, but you aren’t advancing in it anymore. What about using a different weapon? What’s the point since my sword is maxed. You can see the problem with it. I realize that in a Final Fantasy type game, you can also roam around and fight enemies to max out your character, but I think that would take much longer than just swinging your sword around. The perfect mix, in my opinion, is a game that upgrades some stats, such as health and mana, based upon your base stats like intelligence and strength, but lets your upgrade other stats like sword use, magical affinity, stealth, on your own. But to really implement the perfect levelling system, random encounters should be kept to a minimum.

Experience is also a staple in the RPG world, but I think there are ways to go about getting it, and ways that should be avoided. First and foremost, random encounters are a cop out. While Fallout and Fallout 2 may have had minimal random encounters, they don’t count. All of your experience was gained from doing quests and fighting enemies that aren’t random. KOTOR and Jade Empire also did a magnificent job of keeping you focused on the storyline so that there wasn’t really any room for random encounters. While I may have problems with Jade Empire that I didn’t have with the other games mentioned, it still did a very good job of giving you enough experience without having to wander around in the travel map until you hit those Ogres that give you120xp a piece. I think that many people will disagree with me and my thoughts on random encounters, but just think how nice it would be that instead of having to wander the map and fight monsters over and over, if you just worked through all the side quests (which should be ample in any RPG) and get experience that way.

What do I want to see more of in RPGs? I want more weapons options. Is there an ultimate weapon? Why? I know its cool to have an ultimate weapon, but what about eight weapons that could be the ultimate weapon, but they have drawbacks. Maybe one is a bow and it doesn’t work well in close quarters. The mace is better for enemies in armor. The sword damages its user, sucking a bit of his life out with each hit. Its too easy to go to the next town, the next dungeon and get the next best weapon. I think that more thought could be put into this. Also, since so much focus is spent on the graphics, why can’t the enemies I fight be truly awesome. I can imagine the tickling feeling I would get with my warriors standing, swords drawn as a group of orcs charges towards them. Their eyes black, blades whirling, our forces clash together and the fighting starts. I want the way the characters look and fight to draw me into the game rather than push me out. I want my characters to be badasses, but not at the beginning of the game. I want my characters to be memorable, have flaws, get in fights with each other, leave, come back, die. I don’t want four superheroes that can take out anything that gets in their way and can solve any problem so superbly that the kingdom will flourish in happiness forever and ever. I want an interactive way to level my characters. But more than anything else, I want an epic story that leaves me sad when the experience is over. Note: This doesn’t mean I have to save the world, but if everything else is right, I won’t mind doing it again.

Quake – Lost in space

All frags/trick content made by QR33P, everything captured during a time of about half a year.

This is his first fragmovie, and first movie ever synced to music, so don’t judge him too hard on this one.
He has plans of doing more movies, (atleast 2, one CA movie and another trick movie), in the future so if you liked this one stayed tuned.
Many of the custom stuff in this movie is made by him, (such as the weapon skins, jumppads etc.), others google gave him. The fx scripts is a mash-up of about 15 different fx files I found, that I picked the ones I liked the most and made a own desent fx script. Big thanks for those who put their effort creating those in the first place. Last I would like to thank the QL community for help with wolfcam, keeping an awesome game running and keeping the real FPS alive.


Welcome to Target Quake, I will be slowly making updates to the site! Please stay tuned!